Experienced Professional assistance

This service is to provide local water users an alternative to solutions to water supply challenges

Located at 102 E  8th Street,  #220

Durango,  Colorado  81301

by appointment  970-799 4736

email:  headwaters@animas.net

After 30 years working with the Colorado Division of Water Resources as a water resource engineer (since 1979), and serving as Division Engineer for 13 years, I became acquainted with many of the landowner issues and water rights aspects of the land in Southwestern Colorado.  I am well versed in Statewide water statutes and policies from the Natural Resources office in Denver.  Also I have background in developing Augmentation plans, hydrologic studies, dam safety, and water resources research.   Also, this office is teamed with a landscape-architecture firm at http://www.rdesignstudios.com/html/firm.html and can provide structural engineering assistance in a consultation mode.  Following are examples I believe may be helpful for people developing their property or considering investing in improvements of property in the area:

Water Rights

We view compliance as an opportunity to help make your business more efficient, accountable, and  profitable.

The office has acquired and uses Arc GIS capabilities for mapping areas in proximity to the project.

Ditch and Water Structure improvements

We can supervise structural improvements on water rights facilities and improve efficiencies of delivery systems. 

Ground Water evaluations

Using drilling databases and mapping of specific locales,  we can provide information and consultation advice regarding ownership and physical availability and permitted allowances. 

Headwaters engineering

Water Resources consultation

Development planning

This office can support efforts to support water supply planning for developments at the County Planning stage.

Please call or contact the office at   9707994736